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Paul Butler – Waltham Forest College

14th November 2018 The most rewarding aspect of my involvement is seeing students’ achievements recognised. Going into a classroom and seeing a principal presenting certificates for improved attendance, when you know that a student has overcome challenging issues in their private life, for instance, is very rewarding.
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Jennifer Sunter – Halesowen College

30th January 2018 Removing barriers to and providing a great environment in which students can achieve and progress are key here. To this end, we work in collaboration and partnership with schools, higher education providers and employers.
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Caroline Gillam – Farnborough College

18th January 2018 This college is an Ofsted ‘outstanding’ rated college and accredited College of the University of Surrey. Inspiring FE Governance has helped Farnborough College to find skills to support succession planning.
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Piers White – Croydon College

1st June 2017 My background as an executive director, CEO, chair and non-executive director has given me a good understanding of how to strike the right balance between challenge and support.